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I love stories, and that’s what this blog is all about. My stories. Other people’s stories. Writing stories for children. This blog’s title, Stories in the Street, is a spin off of Faces in the Street, my blog about our nine and half month trip around the world. We chose a G. K. Chesterton quote to represent our goal for that trip: “Do not look at the faces in the illustrated papers. Look at the faces in the street.” To us, it meant that we were going to step out into the world and really experience it.

We have that choice each day, to step out into the world and find new stories. I delight in finding them, and sharing them. Most of all, I hope I inspire others to go out and live their own stories, and find new stories to share.

What is my story? From 30,000 feet up, I am a wife and mother to three children, a writer, a runner, and a reader. I have an MFA in Writing and Illustrating for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts, and I write picture books and middle grade fiction and narrative nonfiction. To find out more about my writing projects, you can visit my website. To hear more of my story, you can explore the posts in this blog. They are just a few stories in the street, one of hundreds of thousands. What a privilege it is to be part of the greatest story ever told.

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  1. Hello There, my name is Creed and I am with Rudy’s. I would love to get in touch regarding Rebecca and if there maybe a way we can help out. We really have been inspired by your story. Thanks!

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